• Dr Ruth Valerio

    Tom Sine makes my head whirl. Just when I think I could maybe settle down a bit, he comes along and turns me upside down – in a thoroughly good way! Tom combines good research, personal experience, a wise head and a passionate heart to call us to be innovators and entrepreneurs and so to change the way things are, both within and without the Church.

    Dr Ruth Valerio
    Churches and Theology Director and author of ‘L is for Lifestyle: Christian living that doesn’t cost the earth’, and, ‘Just Living: Faith and community in an age of consumerism’, A Rocha UK

  • Dwight J. Friesen

    Live like you Give a Damn is Tom Sine at his finest . . . and it’s a must read. With the wisdom and clarity of a hopeful prophet Tom insightfully reads the signs of our times – some of which should sound alarms in us – yet all the while points to the new wine of the Spirit. This book a testament to Tom’s life of listening for the invitation of God through real stories of fresh expressions borne of radical disciples of Jesus. Teeming with examples of real people and real communities this book is essential for anyone seeking to follow Jesus into the everyday stuff of life and for those studying in Bible colleges and seminaries hoping that the church might have a Gen Next future.

    Dwight J. Friesen
    Associate Professor of Practical Theology, co-author of The New Parish, Routes and Radishes, and author of Thy Kingdom Connected., The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

  • Al Tizon

    Warning: don’t read this book unless you’re ready to hear not only the call the change the world, but also real ways to do it. In my early 20s, Tom Sine convinced me that I can actually make a difference by telling stories of ordinary people doing small, but extraordinary things in the service of God’s better future. In retrospect, the call to join the “mustard seed conspiracy”—God’s revolution through small, faithful , subversive acts—motivated me for mission more than anything else. Well, Tom Sine is at it again with Live Like You Give a Damn.

    More autobiographical than any of his previous works, this book allows us to see more clearly the man behind one of the pioneers of Christian social activism. Never one to dwell on himself, however, Sine looks at today’s innovators among the under-35s, who lead the way in social entrepreneurship and community empowerment—the two streams of God’s new change-making revolution. The call here is the same as it has always been: to join the seemingly insignificant—in this case, young social innovators, many of whom are beyond the church—to take a real, practical, and exciting part in God’s transforming mission.

    Al Tizon
    Executive Minister, Serve Globally, Evangelical Covenant Church

  • J. Derek McNeil

    With every fiber of his body, Tom Sine is compelled to look up and out towards the new horizon and report to us what he has seen. There are few others who have been so faithful to this prophetic call. Inspired and energized by stories from around the globe, his new book, Live Like You Give a Damn, rouses us to join the movement of a generation of global social entrepreneurs who are changing the world with creative solutions to complex problems. At the heart of this book you can hear his desire that we see what he has seen, a social and cultural revolution arising from the fragmentation of our times, propelled by human creativity and energized by the compassionate love of Jesus. This is a book for our times and a guiding light to our future.

    J. Derek McNeil
    Academic Dean, Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

  • Mark Scandrette

    I can only aspire to become as hopeful, energetic, socially engaged and awake to the eternal as my friend and mentor Tom Sine. His incisive curiosity about how the greater good can be realized in our time is contagious. This book, his most hopeful and personal, is a real gift to the church and emerging generations. For the sake of the poor, the planet and the future of our neighborhoods and cities, let’s join Tom and live like we give a damn.

    Mark Scandrette
    Executive Director, ReIMAGINE - a center for integral Christian practice

  • Jim Wallis

    Tom Sine has been engaged in the struggle for social justice for many years. In Live Like You Give a Damn! he lifts up the new generation of activists and social entrepreneurs who are taking the baton from his generation and doing wonderful, necessary, and world-changing work in all over the globe. The justice challenges of our time demand an unprecedented response from Christians and all those of faith and conscience, and the witness of millennial activists in response to this challenge fills me with the same hope for a better future that Tom articulates so well in this book.

    Jim Wallis
    Founder and Editor, Sojourners