Christine & I are looking forward to our 1st Vaccine, however, our pup Goldie has decided to avoid all needles.

What we miss most in 2021 is celebrating with friends in these troubled 2020s.

What we pray for most is that followers of Jesus of all gens will join members of Gen Y and Z by creating new forms of neighborhood empowerment, racial justice & climate change and the just distribution of vaccine for all our neighbors on our struggling planet.

I am particularly grateful for an article in the PRESBYTERIAN OUTLOOK by Eric Peltz, an innovative young pastor, with kind words for 2020s Foresight… and for my good friend, Dwight Friesen, who took the time to join me in writing this, my final book.

Do check out and discover why so many people appreciate Christine, who is a gift to so many friends all over our struggling world… particularly the 6 people who share life with us in the Mustard Seed House. We will save a piece of moist chocolate cake for you… We would value your prayers.

Tom Sine