This is Your Invitation to Join Anna and a New Generation of Innove’ Changemakers

God seems to be at work not only through people of faith, but also people of compassion, who are bringing welcome change to our world in what some are calling an “innovation revolution.” In the last ten years there has been a veritable explosion of new forms of social enterprise and urban empowerment all over the planet.

The good news gets even better. Much of this new “changemaking” celebration is being led by young innovators from Gen Y (those born between 1981 and 2014). Since they are the first digital generation, they are much more aware of the daunting economic, racial and environmental challenges facing people all over our world. Most importantly, a surprising number of them are determined to do something about it.

Jenson Roll, who is one of these young innovators from North Carolina, and I have co-presented at Wild Goose Festival in June. We co-presented at CCDA in August.  Last week we co-presented at the Colonial Church and the United Seminary in the Twin Cities area. During this event we met and interviewed 5 remarkable young social entrepreneurs.  They were all winners of a social enterprise competition sponsored by a group called Innove’.

As you  have just seen Anna is one of these innovators who formed a team to create Exodus Lending. It enables numbers of families in the Twin Cities area to not only to be set free from “pay day slavery” but also regain their financial stability. In coming weeks we will introduce you to other proteges and their changemaking innovations.

In my most recent book, Live Like You Give a DamnI share practical ways you and your community can not only join this celebration you might even discover creative new ways God can use our mustard seeds to make a more remarkable difference in the lives of others than you ever imagined possible.  WRITE US TODAY AND LET US KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THIS NEW GENERATION OF CHANGEMAKERS!

 This is your invitation to Live Like You Give A Damn by joining those these young innovators creating not only your best neighborhoods but in the process, their best lives. You can create new ways to have an impact, re-invent your church to be churches for others in these uncertain times.