Al Tizon

Warning: don’t read this book unless you’re ready to hear not only the call the change the world, but also real ways to do it. In my early 20s, Tom Sine convinced me that I can actually make a difference by telling stories of ordinary people doing small, but extraordinary things in the service of God’s better future. In retrospect, the call to join the “mustard seed conspiracy”—God’s revolution through small, faithful , subversive acts—motivated me for mission more than anything else. Well, Tom Sine is at it again with Live Like You Give a Damn.

More autobiographical than any of his previous works, this book allows us to see more clearly the man behind one of the pioneers of Christian social activism. Never one to dwell on himself, however, Sine looks at today’s innovators among the under-35s, who lead the way in social entrepreneurship and community empowerment—the two streams of God’s new change-making revolution. The call here is the same as it has always been: to join the seemingly insignificant—in this case, young social innovators, many of whom are beyond the church—to take a real, practical, and exciting part in God’s transforming mission.