NewBigin House

Yes, it is true Ash and Anji Barker have moved from Bangcock two years ago to the Newbigin House in Birmingham, England.  Yes, it is also true that they live with not only some 30 children and adults with their own private menagerie of three lizards, two Alpaca and various other creatures.  What Ash failed to share is the animals would be sharing the guest room with me.  Thankfully none of them snored. Do you like the picture with my new Alpaca friend I call Harry?

 I had the pleasure of not only staying with Anji and Ash and their wonderfully chaotic community for three nights, I also had the opportunity to travel with Ash to the New Wine Urban Forum about an hour and a half from the Newbigin House.

 Ash shared on some of his rich experiences in Thailand working with the poor and reminding us to use the Psalms to not only voice our praise but to give full expression to our Laments as well.

 What I enjoyed most was spending time with Ash and Anji and getting caught up a bit. They have rich experiences in their years as a part of Neighbors of Hope in the largest urban slum in Thailand.

 What I am most excited about, as you can hear in the video interview, is that Ash’s new ministry focuses on raising up a generation of changemakers from the millennial generation.  His year long training program will be called of Urban Changemakers.  I will be broadcasting the second half of this interview from Ash and Anji’s homeland….Australia.

 By the way for those Down Under Christine for Christmas with family I will also be speaking at World Vision in Melbourne Tuesday Morning December 6 . On Wednesday night December 7 I will be speaking about Live Like You Give A Damn! Join the Changemaking Celebration and for Tear Fund Australia in Sydney.  Hope to see friends old and new.