Join us for the Live Like You Give a Damn Book Launch Party!

Come to our Live Like You Give A Damn! Join the Changemaking Celebration book launch party.
For friends in the Seattle area we invite you to join us for a book launch party at 6:30 to 8:00 after the first day of the Inhabit Conference on April 15. Celebrating with drinks, snacks, books and a lot of fascinating people. Email us if you can join us or just come!

We will be partying at the Bell Town Cottage Garden at 2512 Elliot Seattle 98121…across the street from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology at 2501 Elliot. Cascade Books will provide an ample supply of books for Inhabit and our party!

The good news we are celebrating is that millennials {18 to 35 year olds} are much more aware of the issues of economic, racial and environmental justice than older generations because they are the first digital generation. The good news gets even better. A higher percentage of millennials want to invest their lives in serious changemaking than older generations. In fact they are leading this changemaking celebration creating new forms of social entrepreneurship and local community empowerment that it is having a lasting impact on our neighbors locally and globally.

I suspect God could be using this generation of social innovators, largely outside the church, to wake up those of in the church to this opportunity to join them in having a much greater impact in the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors. Why would anyone would anyone want to settle for less and miss the best?

Come join the party 6:30 to 8:00 Friday night April 15 at the Bell Town Cottage Garden 2512 Elliot, Seattle 98121

**Pre-order Live Like You Give a Damn: Join the Changemaking Celebration here. Special price only available until 4/16!