Join Matthew and a New Generation of Changemakers

Two weeks ago Jensen Roll and I had the opportunity to hear what God is doing through 5 young social innovators we heard share at the United Seminary in Twin Cities. Last week you heard Anna share a brilliant alternative to the “pay day loan schemes” that enslave so many people with low incomes.

This week I want you to meet Matt and mother from Somali, who are taking upon themselves to develop a market demand in the Twin Cities for a popular food item from their native culture, the Sambusa, as a means for them and their kids to make a sustainable living.

As you can see, Matt’s partnership with these Somalian mothers and their large families has proven to be a gift to them, as the purchase of their product has enabled them to make a living with the added benefit of introducing others to share in a part of their homeland. What specifically makes this endeavor so important is that these Somalian natives do not speak English, making it almost impossible to make a living. Thanks to Matt and this creative social enterprise, the Somalian mothers and their families no longer have to face a daunting future. In addition, these Somalian mothers get to not only provide themselves income, but learn job skills that could benefit them as they acclimate to their new American climate.

Matthew Glover came up with this brilliant solution to a widespread problem for refugees coming to America through simply working with Somali moms and noticing the power a simple food item could have. With the support of Innove ‘www.innove’, Matt has been able to work with these moms to create a new social enterprise called Hoyo.

What would happen if you and other leaders in your church walked your streets of your neighborhood with the young innovators like Matt? What would you notice about the potential that could already be waiting in neighborhoods as you work with your neighbors to figure out solutions for your community? It is amazing what we can find out when we listen to what our neighbors are concerned about most. Then you will find yourself do something truly “rad– ask them for their best ideas of how to create new social enterprises, like Matt did to respond to this issue facing his Somali neighbors.  Finally select one or two of their best ideas and help launch those ideas. www.innove’

You want to see young people back in your church? Then challenge your church to be smart enough to invite the ideas of the under 35 and help them launch their best ideas.  You could not only see young people start to show a little more interest, you could also see your congregation become much more invested in serious changemaking than they are today!  This would also make your church much more attractive to the young! They have little interest in churches where 85% to 90% of time and money is spent on addressing the needs of those “under the tent!”


**INVITING MY BRITISH FRIENDS TO THE UNOFFICIAL UK LAUNCH OF Live Like You Give A Damn! Join the Changemaking Celebration.**


EVENT 1:  On November 10 & 11 I will be speaking at the New Parish event with my New Parish Friends: Paul Sparks, Tim Soerens and Dwight Friesen and many other great people

EVENT 2: On November 23 & 24 I will be at the New Wine Urban Forum at St Marys Church with Andy Jollie, Ash Barker and a number of other leaders exploring creative change making in Birmingham.  Come join us.

Do come join us and most importantly join the changemaking celebration and write and tell us what your are creating!!!