Greetings from The Wild Goose Festival!

Greetings from the Wild Goose Festival!
Cascade Books asked us to share the same promo on Live Like You Give A Damn! Join the Changemaking Celebration that they are distributing at the Festival. Click here to purchase the book at a special price of $19.99. Send us stories of innovative changemaking you are involved with so we can share it with others!

Jensen Roll's tiny house arriving at the Wild Goose Festival!

Jensen Roll’s tiny house arriving at the Wild Goose Festival!

A Bold Invitation from Mustard Seed Conspiracy Author Tom Sine:
Live Like You Give A Damn!

Tom Sine’s latest book announces the very good news that God is raising up a new generation, largely outside the church, that is creating innovative forms of social enterprise and community empowerment to bring impressive change to the lives of neighbors locally and globally. The even better news is that those of us, in the church, can join this changemaking celebration and discover creative new ways God can use our mustard seeds to make a more remarkable difference in the lives of others than we ever imagined possible. Tom offers practical ways you can join those who are creating their best communities, and in the process, their best lives. Following Jesus in a world changing at warp speed, according to Sine, is a “design opportunity.” Not only are new ways to make a difference found and engaged, but in fact new lives are formed in the way of Jesus that are not only simpler and more sustainable, but ones that throw better parties.

Why would anyone want to settle for less and miss the best?

Tom Sine, PhD, has spent much of his life as a consultant working with individuals, churches and Christian organizations to anticipate new waves of opportunity breaking on the beaches of our lives, communities and our world… so we have lead time to imagine and create new ways to follow Jesus and make a difference. He and his wife Christine live in an intergenerational community in Seattle and enable people to create new possibilities through the Center for Imagination and Innovation. Some of his other titles include: Mustard Seed Conspiracy, Wild Hope, Mustard Seed vs McWorld, Living on Purpose and the New Conspirators. He has also taught at Fuller Theological Seminary in Seattle and the University of Washington.

Foreword by Walter Brueggemann,

Tom Sine is filled with energy. He writes with energy. He transmits energy to his readers. The reason for his energy is that he has made seen a lively linkage between the deep promises of the gospel and the concrete practices of people who move out toward new futures with imagination, energy, and stamina. More than that, it invites us out of the narrative of old ways of our comfort zones, to new modes of life that may seem at first to be inconvenient in the extreme but that very soon may turn out to be joyous fulfillment in coming down where we ought to be.

“Our church is set up to make a point but not a difference.” Such a truth has not resonated with me so deeply in a long time. Tom Sine has, in this book, has begun building the bridge between making the point, and making the difference. I am grateful for it and after reading it I want to say, “Let’s be church like we give a damn!” Bishop Greg Rickel, Diocese of Olympia

For too long, Christians have used our faith as a ticket into heaven, and ignored the world around us. We’ve promised people life after death, while many folks are asking if there’s life before death. At times we’ve been so heavenly-minded that we haven’t been much help here on earth. Tom Sine’s new book invites you to see another version of Christianity — and it is all about bringing heaven to earth. Let this book inspire you to do something with your life that leaves off the fragrance of Jesus and moves the world closer to God’s dream for it. Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution and Executing Grace & member of the Simple Way

Tom Sine has been engaged in the struggle for social justice for many years. In Live Like You Give a Damn! he lifts up the new generation of activists and social entrepreneurs who are taking the baton from his generation and doing wonderful, necessary, and world-changing work in all over the globe. The justice challenges of our time demand an unprecedented response from Christians and all those of faith and conscience, and the witness of millennial activists in response to this challenge fills me with the same hope for a better future that Tom articulates so well in this book. Jim Wallis, New York Times bestselling author of America’s Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America, president of Sojourners, and editor-in-chief of Sojourners magazine

Tom Sine’s new book is a great introduction to his life-long message of making change and seizing opportunities. It’s as fresh and inspiring in 2016 as The Mustard Seed Conspiracy was in 1981.
Brian McLaren, author/speaker/activist

At a time when the church is falling short in bringing Good News to those who need it most, Sine observes that there is a blossoming movement among Millennial entrepreneurs to facilitate social change and community renewal. I encourage church leaders of all stripes to read the stories of changemakers in Sine’s book and ask themselves how they can foster this kind of energy and social transformation in their own congregations and communities. Sarah Withrow King, Deputy Director, Evangelicals for Social Action at the Sider Center of Eastern University

This imaginative and prophetic invitation to envision a church that exists for the sake of others is an urgent call for pastors, students, and practitioners who are tired of status quo Christianity. Sine captures the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of millennials and everyday people who are committed to a mustard seed kingdom and an experience of “the good life” that is not captive to comfort, self-interest, and fear. David Leong, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Missiology, Seattle Pacific University and Seminary

Live Like You Give a Damn! is one of the best snapshots of millennials in action today; it captures the optimism and determination of the young men and women actively working to change the world. His enthusiasm and hopefulness for what God is doing through the next generation is contagious and inspiring. Live Like You Give a Damn is a much needed addition to the ongoing conversation of community renewal and social innovation. Amanda Allen is receiving a PhD in Intercultural Studies with a concentration in Development from Asbury Theological Seminary.

With every fiber of his body, Tom Sine is compelled to look up and out towards the new horizon and report to us what he has seen. Live Like You Give a Damn rouses us to join the movement of a generation of global social entrepreneurs who are changing the world with creative solutions to complex problems. At the heart of this book you can hear his desire that we see what he has seen, a social and cultural revolution arising from the fragmentation of our times, propelled by human creativity and energized by the compassionate love of Jesus. This is a book for our times and a guiding light to our future. J. Derek McNeil, Academic Dean of the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology