Generation YES

In my new book, Live Like You Give A Damn! Join the Changemaking Celebration I am going to introduce you a new generation, a surprising number of whom, want to use their lives to make a difference in the lives of others. I also want to introduce you to YES! It is my favorite magazine for sharing what is happening on the innovative edge and ways we can all become more creative.


Here is an excerpt from my new book:

“Many of the changemakers I am introducing you to are not people of faith, but often they are people of compassion. Shouldn’t we become people of “compassion and action” too? Shouldn’t we, who are followers of Jesus, express our love for both God and neighbor in more concrete ways? Lets start where many of the changemakers start—by imagining new ways we can join in making a real impact in the lives of our neighbors as you will do in our next chapter on creativity.

This is an invitation to discover how God can enable us to unleash the potential of our imagination, to create new ways to be a difference and make a difference. Peggy Taylor and Charlie Murphy, writing in YES! Magazine, state, ‘Creative expression opens the door to the inner world of our imaginations: it is here that we make meaning of our lives; it is here that motivation takes root. The more creative we are, the more capacity we have to imagine what’s possible and make those visions real.'”
This is your invitation to join the changemaking celebration by inviting God to ignite your imagination to “imagine what’s possible” and make our visions for changemaking in the lives of other real! This is your invitation to join a new generation of changemakers who are living like they give a damn!