Entering Into Lent

“Hitting the reset button” is one way to think about preparing for the season of Lent, suggested Cherry Haisten during our Ash Wednesday Service at Saint Andrews Episcopal Church in Seattle. She added,  “For many of us it can be a more serious time to make a new beginning than many of us achieve with our new resolution on January 1”.pexels-photo

It is an opportunity to look at ourselves honestly. It is an opportunity to release attachments that pull us away from God, those we love and our best selves. It is also an opportunity to live our lives with more intentionality creating new ways to use our time and money for what matters most.

In my upcoming book, Live Like You Give A Damn: Join the Changemaking Celebration, I observe that many of us could be missing out on living our best lives. Doesn’t it too often feel like our churches seem to become chaplains to the dominant culture…simply helping us limp through the week instead of empowering us to live our best lives?

As we hit the reset button for Lent 2016 we have the opportunity to not only make changes in our “time styles” and to be more present to God and those we love. We also have the opportunity to carve out space in our lives to join those in the changemaking celebration who are creating new ways to empower our most vulnerable neighbors. I guarantee you will enjoy this Lenten activity much more that giving up Lattes or chocolate!

Last year during Lent Pope Francis stated that more important than fasting from candy or alcohol is fasting from “our indifference towards others.” I urge you to Join those that are enjoying Lent more than ever before because they are creating innovative new ways to live like they give a damn!